Welcome to GQ Custom Guitars! I am very excited to be working on this new website and will be making changes to it quite often, so keep checking back on me!

I pride myself on excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail and have a true passion for building custom guitars. Each guitar is a living, breathing and changing creation and I feel blessed to spend my time working on them.

Even though it has been MANY years since my first wood shop class in the 6th grade, I still get the same excitement and anticipation every time I walk into the shop!

Many years ago I discovered mesquite wood for building with instead of just BBQing with…I only have one word for this wood, AWESOME! I have been building fine furniture with it for 16+ years and I have to tell you it is just as amazing for guitars! Custom building mesquite acoustic Mesquite as a tone wood would best be described as bright with sharp, clear high notes and good volume. Depending on what kind of wood I use on the soundboard and for bracing, I can add different characteristics to the sound. For your custom guitar we can talk about what you are looking for and come up with the best combination of woods to give you the tone you want while still keeping the wild, unique beauty of the mesquite sides and back.

My guitars are made to be played. Perfectly leveled, dressed and polished frets allow me to set the relief, string height and action to suit your playing style without ever needing to worry about fret buzz! I think you’ll find my guitars are very smooth and buttery feeling to play. Each guitar is buit to exact customer specifications. If you have relief, action and string height measurements that you like, that is how I will set it up. If your not sure what measuremenst you like then we can talk about it and I can give you some recommendations. Of course you are always welcome to come by the shop and try them out in person if your in the neighborhood!

Even with all of the attention I spend on setup and playability of my guitars, I spend even more on the quality and workmanship of the build. My attention to detail is crazy and I go into each build with the attitude that that this will be the most perfect guitar ever made! I spend many extra hours making sure that each glue joint fits perfect. If I cut or sand a piece and it turns out a bit too small, I will trash it and start over…”good enough“ is NOT part of my attitude! On one of my guitars you will not find any sanding scratches, machine marks, glue squeeze out, misaligned pieces, etc.

See the info HERE more specs and info on mesquite.